The other day Koldo and I were trying to distill the essence of Nova Donna. It was a difficult brainstorming session because while we’re both clear on what we want to achieve here, breaking everything down into one concept is difficult.

There are many reasons why we started this space and a lot of things going on in the world that we’d like to address. So many, that one of the challenges we’ve been facing in deciding what to talk about, is to keep it narrow and on-point. Yes, we wanted to build a positive place for women that empowers and inspires them to find their own unique place in the world. But, even more than that, we realized that it’s really all about permission.

We spend our whole lives waiting for someone to tell us that we’re good enough to do something. And if we don’t receive permission for it first, we’re selfish and self-centered.

Well, screw that.

Why do other people have to decide for us what we have to do with our own lives? What’s meaningful and fulfilling for us?

The thing is, even the most well-meaning people often have their own self-interests at heart without even meaning to. They may truly care about you, but at the same time, they want you in the shape or form that fits their world or idea of you. This leaves little room for you to be fully you. No extra space for growth, for change, for adaptation, for fun, or for becoming the person you know you are meant to be and living the life you choose for yourself.

So, why do we wait around for the permission we’re never going to get?

Let’s do what we want to do now. It’s never too late or early to start. Now’s your time. It’s up to you to start giving yourself permission to do what you need to do. To claim your space.

Want to wear “night” makeup during the day? Do it!

Want to wear no make up at all? Dig it.

Want to start your own business and no one thinks you can? No time like now.

Got a little extra curves and want to wear a short dress? You got this.

Want to build something important and not sure if anyone will like it? Do it anyway.

…you decide!

To get started, Koldo and I are going to be giving ourselves permission to do something every single day and sharing what it was with you. Want to follow along? Join us here or follow our Facebook page here or use the hashtag #dailypermission.

What are you giving yourself permission to do today?

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