This is part one of our promoting conscious consumption series. Last week we talked about how to allow others to support your business. We will follow up next week with a new part.

Many people like to find and support things that are unique and novel. However, these types of people are generally in the minority. There’s also a tricky sort of area where the unfamiliar becomes uncomfortable for people. The challenge then is doing something unique, innovative, or novel, but at the same time provides familiarity and makes people feel at home.

The good news is that contrary to what many people believe, not everything has already been done. The world is just waiting for improvement of even everyday things, new takes on old problems, and solutions to the hard stuff.

There are lots of small things that we use everyday that are overly complicated and difficult to use. Things like potato peelers, microwaves, remote controls, smart phones, etc. It might seem like these are small and unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but it doesn’t mean we don’t need better solutions and what you do can’t affect people’s lives in a beneficial way.

Here’s an example of a creative solution. One person posted on Reddit this hack they did to their grandma’s remote control to make it easier to use for her to use. It makes you wonder why they don’t make very simple remotes more often, doesn’t it?

Remote Hack

Remote Hack

And  where to start with some of the some of the larger and more pressing issues. Things like women’s rights around the world, hunger, access to portable water, better infrastructures, better medical services, and much more.

Even beauty has a vitally important function in our lives. How things look impacts the way we feel about the world around us and brings us closer to nature. Even everyday objects take on new meaning when they’re beautiful. We appreciate them more, they gain value, and we feel proud to own them.

The past several years, people have become more sophisticated and have come to expect attractiveness. This expectation of beauty will only increase in the upcoming years.

So, if you want to build something, innovation is always an option as long as you don’t build something that people can’t grasp or understand. And if you don’t build something innovative or world changing, that’s ok too. There are many many problems out there, just waiting to be solved, many improvements to be made, and much more beauty to be had.

Coming soon! Part 3: Local or Small is Great Too!

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