I’m simply in love with this ad from 1958! I’m 100% in love with a a woman who enjoys all the little things in life and doesn’t hide her joy. Why we don’t see anymore women like this in publicity?:

  • A woman who is happy and relaxed.
  • A woman who doesn’t hide her feelings.
  • An elegant woman who drinks alcohol and doesn’t look trashy.
  • A woman who holds her glass with security and strength.
  • A woman who is served by someone who cares. Maybe by a man.
  • A woman who enjoys LIFE.

In the USA, it’s very unusual to see a woman in a bar having a beer by herself. Bars are a ‘male’ territory where only drunken or promiscuous women are supposed to be.  This is not that common in many European countries, where all kind of cultured women have a beer without a problem just as any man would.

We are the ones who can change the perception of women in our culture. Here are a few things women can do about it:

  • Don’t consume products that portray weak women in publicity and media. Support the products which show a free and strong woman that enjoys alcohol or whatever she likes with a joyful and a healthy attitude.
  • If you are an entrepreneur looking for a new business adventure, here is something that the world is in need today: bars where women can feel comfortable and safe. There are lots of them already in Europe. A bar doesn’t need to be a filthy place with a huge screen on the wall blasting sports. A bar can be a relaxing and cute space were women and men can gather together and chat, or just simply have a beer by themselves by the fireplace and enjoy this little moment in life.


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