2014 was a difficult years for a lot of people. Between the never-ending worldwide economic situation, world events, and personal life-changing events, it seemed as if we were all being tested or another.

The good thing about these moments, is that they give us a chance to reflect on our current situation. We turn inward, which allows us to focus on what we want to change, both within our personal lives and the world at large.

In 2015, we believe we see all of that introspection moving into action. We won’t be resuming things as they were before, but instead using what we’ve learned in many positive and constructive ways.

Here are our predictions for business in 2015:

There Will Be More Focus on Sustainability

Rather than cut-throat competition, instead our focus will be more on long-term sustainability. When we remove our focus on getting ahead and being in the top position, we can instead think in terms of our own personal contributions to the general ecosystem and what we can offer without exhausting resources and exploiting others.

There Will Be More Focus on Better Living vs Innovation

In the past, a large focus has been placed on novelty and innovation. This isn’t inherently bad. A lot of things we now enjoy make our lives more convenient and fun. However, the hidden danger is that they can remove focus on solving many everyday problems we still face. It can seem more glamorous to work on new and exciting things, but the impact of addressing small improvements to problems that affect us and the people around the world daily are exponential and lasting.

Creativity Will be Regarded More Highly

Given that more and more of our work is being replaced by technology, it makes sense that creativity will be a more highly valued commodity than an ability to do repetitive or basic tasks that a computer can do.

The good news is that anyone can develop the processes and techniques to be more highly creative in whatever field they choose to work in. This year will see a great emphasis on creative problem-solving and the exchange of seemingly unrelated ideas into thoughtful solutions.

Women Worldwide Will Have More Voice

In the U.S., women’s entrepreneurship is rising at a record rate since the late 90’s [pdf]. This trend will also be reflected in other countries around the world. At a higher rate than ever, women are recognizing their rights and power to bring positive change to the world. Since entrepreneurship is a good vehicle to do this, beginning this year and over the next few years, we’ll see an increasing women worldwide start new businesses to serve the good in their communities and world at large. Women will provide amazing goods and services, hire, and invest in things that are meaningful to them and coincide with their personal values.

More Women Will Enter Into Business for Freedom to Be Themselves

Having a regular job has its advantages. A regular paycheck, healthcare, working with colleagues, and working on larger projects have their own appeal. But there are many women who feel the call to do their own thing. We want greater freedom to pursue our idea, a better balance in their life, or perhaps they simply want to spend time on pursuing things that are meaningful for them and are personally appealing. The next few years we’ll see more women than ever open themselves to the possibility of working for themselves.

Strong Relationships in Business Will Be Absolutely Essential

More people will begin understanding how important relationship building is. A business with a strong connection with its customers is a healthy business. This will serve as a great advantage to women in particular, who are often especially skilled at interpersonal relationships.

And not only will good relationships with customers be essential, good relationships with collaborators, employees, teams, and contracts will be vital. In short, treating people well will have great rewards.

More Women Will Emerge with Confidence

The last few years have felt like an especially difficult time for us women. We are constantly given contradictory messages about who we should and shouldn’t be. We should be caregivers, except not to ourselves. We should be strong, but not strong enough to threaten anyone else. We can say what we want to say, but if we get threatened, harassed ,or abused for it; it’s our own fault.

The next year and beyond, we’ll see more women confidentially fitting into their unique space in the world without apology. All those voices saying no? That’s just a little background noise.

The next few years will bring exciting times as the tides change and we enter a new epoch. Traits that were mainly seen as feminine and hence undesirable will begin to have more prominence as women empower themselves with their new knowledge and understanding of themselves and of the world.

We can’t wait for what’s coming next.

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